Veterinary Standard Operating Procedures

Cleaning Theatre


  • All surface are damp dusted before operating commences using Vetaclean Parvo diluted 1:50 and a lint-free cloth (J-cloth).
  • Table tops are cleaned after each operation using Vetaclean Parvo diluted 1:50 and a lint-free cloth (J-cloth). Spray bottles are replenished weekly.
  • A clean bed is provided for each patient. After use, they are washed at 60 degrees centigrade.
  • The anaesthetic equipment (circuits) is cleaned using Hibiscrub diluted 1:4 then soaked in Miltons for 5 minutes then rinsed with warm water.
  • When operating has ceased, the work surfaces, cupboard doors, instrument trolleys and anaesthetic machines are cleaned using Vetaclean Parvo diluted 1:50.
  • Walls/tiles are cleaned using R7 domestic cleaner.
  • The floors are swept and mopped using Vetaclean Parvo diluted 1:50 in the blue bucket. The mop head is changed weekly.
  • The windows and blinds are cleaned using Flash window cleaner.
  • Tiles/grout are scrubbed using R7 domestic cleaner.


  • Scavenging cylinders are dismantled and cleaned out.\

Prepared by V1. 29/9/2023

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