Veterinary Standard Operating Procedures

Inpatient Nurse Checks

  1. The kennel nurses are responsible for the care of the inpatients between 8am-7pm.
  2. The duty nurse takes over at 6pm until 9am the following day.
  3. Both nursing shifts follow the case veterinary surgeons instructions.
  4. During the day shift there is constant observation of the patient.
  5. During the night, the patient is observed every 2hrs minimum.
  6. Any treatment, examination, medication or observation is recorded on the patient’s hospital sheet.
  7. At the end of each night and day shift, the nurse’s observation are transferred to the patient’s computer record.
  8. During the day there is a veterinary surgeon on site available to assist with any queries regarding the care of the inpatients.
  9. During the night, the on-duty veterinary surgeon is available on the phone for advice or to be called in to assist.

Prepared by V1. 28/9/2023

Download "Inpatient Nurse Checks" as a Word document here.