Veterinary Standard Operating Procedures

Admitting Day Patients

  • Check the consent form and write the details on the operation board.
  • Check the green kennel card, ID name tag and carrier/lead tag has the correct information on it.
  • Look on the patient computer record. Check relevant history, current medication, vaccination status, flea and worm treatment and microchip status.
  • Admit in the nurses' consult room. Call up the patient computer record in the room.
  • With the client confirm: vaccination, insurance, microchip, flea and worm treatment status.
  • Today's procedure - check gender (look not just feel), which limb affected, where the lumps are (clip hair above the lump).
  • Check the contact telephone numbers.
  • Explain the risks of general anaesthetic.
  • Ask the client if they have any other worries or concerns.
  • If the owner is happy and you feel they understand the procedure etc, ask them to sign and date the consent form.
  • Inform the owner that a nurse will contact them after 1pm with an update and a time to collect their animal. However, if they have not heard from us by 2pm - ask the client to phone in. Assess the client - if they are very worried or upset - make a note on the consent form and ask the vet to phone after the procedure, to put their mind at rest.

Prepared by V1. 26/9/2023

Download 'Admitting Day Patients' as Word doc here.