Veterinary Standard Operating Procedures

Cleaning Kennels and Cattery

  • Bins are to be emptied daily – normal and clinical waste.
  • Clean and disinfect the walls daily with Anigene diluted to 1:100 with warm water (1:50 for isolation).
  • Clean and disinfect the sink and floors with Anigene 1:100 with warm water (1:50 for isolation). Replace the mop head daily.
  • Restock the consumables (Hibiscrub, cotton wool, disposable gloves, etc).
  • Restock the diets.
  • Clean all surfaces (door, door handles, computer keyboard, mouse and light fixtures with Anigene diluted to 1:100 (1:50 for isolation).
  • Clean the windows and glass with Flash.
  • Wash all bedding at 60c.
  • Clean each kennel, including the kennel doors with 1:100 Anigene (1:50 for isolation). Follow SOP for cleaning a kennel.
  • Either dry the kennel with paper towel or leave to air dry.
  • Line the kennel with newspaper.
  • Place a clean Vetbed (white for dogs, purple/blue for cats, grey for isolation).
  • Clean and disinfect feeding bowls and utensils after each use - Clean with Hibiscrub and warm water, let soak in Angiene 1:100 (1:50 for isolation), rinse with water warm, drain and put away. Metal bowls can be sterilised in the autoclave
  • Apply alcohol hand rub after handling each patient using the WHO method.
  • Put 5l diluted Anigene 1:100 (1:50 for isolation) down each drain in kennels (3 in kennels, 1 in isolation) weekly.

Prepared by V1. 26/9/2023

Download "Cleaning Kennels and Cattery" as a Word doc here.