Help each other and win Amazon vouchers!

We're now giving a percentage of the revenue earned from job advertising on back to veterinary nurses for helping each other!


  1. First SUBSCRIBE to the VETNURSE EMAIL DIGEST, by clicking on the red box below (which you must be logged in to see).
    You will then receive a daily or weekly email (your choice) with a list of new questions and content posted for the community on
  2. Then COMPLETE YOUR VETNURSE PROFILE, with at least your place and year of qualification and real name.
  3. Finally, either POST A QUESTION for the community here, or, POST ANSWERS to questions you see in your VetNurse Email Digest.

Then, at the end of each month, we'll give six £50 Amazon vouchers for the best questions and most helpful answers.


  1. All questions and answers are added to a searchable knowledgebase for everyone.
  2. We highlight the skills and experience of contributors, especially those with advanced qualifications and experience
  3. Participation counts towards your CPD requirements.
  4. This community is very focussed on one thing: helping answer your question.