Veterinary Standard Operating Procedures

Cleaning The Nurse Station


  • Clean the work top and cupboard doors using an appropriate disinfectant (see Appendix A).
  • Sweep and mop the floor using an appropriate disinfectant (see Appendix A). Use the brush in prep room and the green mop bucket.
  • Wipe down the phone, computer, keyboard, mouse, scanner, label printer and printer.


  • Tidy and organise the books and folders.
  • Clean the autoclaves.


  • Clean, tidy and organise the cupboards.

Appendix - Disinfectants

  • We use Anigene as our disinfectant.
  • It is made up daily for kennels and cattery in yellow buckets at a concentration rate of 1:100 (10ml Anigene to 1ltr water).
  • We have spray bottles with 1:100 concentration in consult rooms, pharmacy, prep room, dental, laboratory, kennels, cattery, radiography, theatres. It is used to clean surfaces between each patient.
  • We use a concentration on 1:100 to clean all floors, made up daily and disposed of correctly at the end of the day. Yellow bucket and yellow mops: kennels, cattery, waiting room. Green bucket and green mops: prep room, radiography, dental, scrub. Blue bucket and blue mops: both theatres.
  • For cleaning isolation, we made up Anigene at a concentration of 1:50 in spray bottles, bucket and mop bucket
  • Red bucket and red mops – Isolation
  • Mop heads are washed in the washing machine at 60.c after each use.
  • Clean all windows and glass daily with Flash Anti-bac Plus.

Prepared by V1. 29/9/2023

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