The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

The First Aid Box


  1. List the contents of the first aid box.
  2. What factors might influence the contents of the first aid kit?
  3. Who is responsible for checking the first aid box supplies and restocking when necessary?
  4. In addition to checking the quantities of items in the first aid box, what else should the person appointed in charge be aware of?
  5. List 6 possible uses of triangular bandages.
  6. Where should the first aid kit be located?
  7. Where should the eye wash station be located?
  8. How should soiled dressings used for human first aid be disposed of?
  9. If you are in any doubt as to the correct or safe usage of any item from the first aid kit, what should you do?
  10. State 2 organisations that offer training in basic first aid techniques.