The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Human First Aid - Summary & Further Reading

Every year thousands of personnel suffer accident or injury at their workplace. This chapter was written not only to help you with the examination, but also to ensure that you are fully aware of the risks associated with working in a small animal veterinary practice.

An awareness of common causes of accidents and how they can be prevented will hopefully reduce the need for first aid procedures on personnel and visitors to the practice.

This chapter does not aim to replace your own practice's safety rules or training and it is essential that if you do not already know how to go about your work safely then you immediately contact the practice health & safety officer.

Further first aid training is available from organisations such as the Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance.

The following booklet produced by the HSE may be useful:

First Aid at Work - Approved Code of Practice & Guidance (ISBN 0 7176 10050 0)