The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Objectives of First Aid


  1. State the 3 aims of first aid.
  2. State the rules of first aid.
  3. When administering first aid at work, what 4 things must you consider before commencement?
  4. What risks are associated with the administration of human first aid?
  5. What is meant by the "ABC" of first aid?
  6. You are supervising a work experience pupil in theatre, and she complains that she feels faint. Describe your actions.
  7. A colleague has had an electric shock from using faulty electric clippers. Describe your actions.
  8. A colleague has injured himself on a glass vial and is haemorrhaging heavily from a wound to his hand. Describe your actions.
  9. A colleague has fallen down a staircase and you suspect that she has fractured her femur. She is conscious, but shocked. Describe your actions.
  10. A colleague has scalded her arm with boiling water. What must you NOT do?
  11. Describe the first aid procedure for dealing with chemical burns.
  12. Describe the first aid procedure for dealing with eye injuries.