The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Controlled Drugs


  1. Controlled drugs (CDs) are members of a sub-category of the Prescription Only Medicine Group (POMs) which are subject to the strictest controls over their supply to the public. Explain why.
  2. State the 2 laws governing Controlled drugs (CDs).
  3. There are 5 drug schedules within the Controlled drug group, Schedule 1 being those at the most serious risk of abuse. List 3 examples of drugs from this group and explain why veterinary surgeons are not allowed to possess or supply such drugs.
  4. Schedule 2 drugs include some opiate analgesics. List 3 Schedule 2 examples from this group that may be used in practice.
  5. Give 2 examples of Schedule 2 drugs not commonly used in practice.
  6. Etorphine is an extremely dangerous Schedule 2 drug known to be highly toxic in man if accidentally injected or absorbed by the skin or mucus membranes. State the trade name of a veterinary drug containing this preparation and its reversal agent.
  7. List 4 precautions undertaken by law to minimise the abuse of Schedule 2 and some Schedule 3 controlled drugs.
  8. In veterinary practice, why are Schedule 1 drugs not regulated in the same precautionary manner as listed in Q7?
  9. Give 2 examples of Schedule 3 opiate analgesics.
  10. In addition to some opiate analgesics, what is the other main drug group found in Schedule 3. Give 2 examples.
  11. You are asked by the veterinary surgeon to collect a supply of pethidine tablets from the pharmacist. In addition to a prescription written and signed by the vet, what other document must you present?
  12. Schedule 2 and 3 drugs are subject to special prescription requirements. State the additional information that is desirable on a regular prescription, but legally, is required on a controlled drug prescription.
  13. Give 2 examples of Schedule 4 benzodiazepines.
  14. Describe the kind of drug found in Schedule 5, and explain why these are the least strictly controlled out of the 5 groups.
  15. Give 2 examples of Schedule 5 preparations.
  16. List the criteria legally required within the Controlled drug register.