The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Drug Categories


  1. Prescription Only Medicines (POMs) are subject to strict regulations regarding their supply and storage. Who may supply POMs?
  2. What are the 2 subgroups of the POM drug category?
  3. Pharmacy Only Medicines are less stringently regulated than POMs; list the 3 subgroups of this drug category and describe who may supply them.
  4. General Sales List Medicines (GSLs) may be sold by veterinary practices, pharmacies and pet shops without special regulation. Why?
  5. A client asks you to supply a course of antibiotics for his cat who has a cut pad. The cat is registered with your practice but has never been prescribed antibiotics before. Describe your course of action.
  6. The client in Q5 is reluctant to bring the cat to the surgery. He asks what law governs the sale of antibiotics. What would you tell him?
  7. The client in Q5 & 6 is still not convinced that an appointment is in either his or his cat's best interest! What other common sense advice regarding the dispensing of drugs could you proffer to win him round?
  8. A client requests a repeat prescription of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets for Gus, her dog with arthritis. The veterinary surgeon examined the dog only one month before and the medication is having the desired effect. The vet subsequently advises that you may dispense a further supply of tablets. However, when the client arrives to collect the medication, she is horrified to discover that the price has increased. She says "I can buy Ibuprofen at the chemist for half that price! Can't I use that instead?" What is your reply and why?