The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Health & Safety


  1. What does COSHH stand for, and explain why every veterinary practice is required by law to possess an up to date COSHH manual?
  2. What must a pharmaceutical company representative present upon visiting a practice to promote the sale of new drugs and why?
  3. In addition to the COSHH Regulations, list the 5 other laws relevant to the subjects of pharmacy and dispensing.
  4. List items of protective clothing that may be worn in the dispensary to reduce the risk of accidents during the dispensing of medicines.
  5. List items in addition to protective clothing that should be present in the dispensary to minimise the risk of an accident.
  6. Describe the main ways in which drugs might get into the body by accident during dispensing; then explain how you could reduce these risks.
  7. Which drug groups should not be handled if you are pregnant?
  8. Define the following terms: carcinogenic, mutogenic and teratogenic.
  9. List 3 possible health risks associated with the handling of prostaglandins.
  10. Which drug may cause a fatal aplastic anaemia in man (thankfully a very rare occurrence)?
  11. Name the 2 antibiotic groups that may cause hypersensitivity upon exposure in those with an allergy to these drugs?
  12. Describe the symptoms that may be evident in a person suffering an allergic reaction to penicillin.