The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Exotics & Wildlife

This revision guide has predominantly focussed on the nursing requirements of domestic cats and dogs. From life in practice you will be well aware that cats and dogs are by no means the only species presented to the surgery for advice and treatment.

This chapter aims to cover the other animals that may be seen in small animal practice in a little more depth. Although this subject is technically a Part II subject, it is sensible to cover the topic early in your studies since aspects such as basic husbandry and restraint are relevant to first year students.

Each order of animal is covered in its own learning module. The species that you need to be familiar with are as follows:

  • Aves (both domestic and wild birds)
  • Amphibia (frogs, toads & newts), fish, molluscs, invertibrates (insects & spiders).
  • Reptilia (chellonia, snakes & lizards)
  • Mammalia - domestic (lagomorphs, rodents & the ferret)
  • Mammalia - wildlife (foxes, badgers & hedgehogs)