The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Theatre Practice

Theatre practice describes the procedures undertaken in order to ensure the smooth running of the operating theatre. Maintenance of hygiene and the provision of an aseptic environment are essential.

This chapter covers the important aspects that together comprise a well-run theatre from care of instruments and equipment through to planning the order of surgical procedures.

Learning Objectives
The learning objectives are as follows:

  • To understand the importance of asepsis and sterilisation and know how to implement such.
  • To comprehend the essential factors necessary in the design and planning of an operating theatre, and be able to outline good personnel conduct and recognise significant health and safety risks.
  • To perform "scrubbing up", "gowning" and "gloving".
  • To be able to recognise and describe common surgical instruments, aswell as understanding methods involved in their cleaning, storage and sterilisation. (This module also covers the laying out of an instrument trolley).
  • To be able to recognise and describe commonly used suture needles and materials.
  • To comprehend and implement patient care procedures pre and during surgery.
  • To comprehend and implement post-operative patient care procedures.