The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Dressing Materials


Name Description
Alleyvn A water-proof, dry dressing ideal for absorbing pus or fluid from a wound (very good for injuries to the paws).
Fucidin intertulle An antibiotic impregnated, petroleum based dressing applied to wounds that need to be kept moist.
Intra-site gel A gel dressing particularly suitable for wounds healing by granulation such as cat bite abscesses.
Melonin A semi-occlusive dressing. Medium absorption capacity.
Rondopad A dry dressing suitable for minor wounds where a small quantity of pus or fluid is required to be absorbed.
Cotton wool A cheap, natural fibre with good absorptive properties.
Velband Rolls of natural padding material.
Soffban Rolls of synthetic padding material available in a variety of sizes; easier to manipulate and conform to the shape of a limb than cotton wool.
Knit-firm bandage Rolls of strong, conforming bandage available in a variety of sizes; ideal for holding primary and padding layers in place.
Open weave bandage Rolls of bandage that are non-conforming but very strong; tend to fray. Very old-fashioned and not recommended.
Tubular bandage Cotton or nylon dressings available in several sizes; ideal for limbs and tails.
Co-flex Rolls of conforming, cohesive bandage that is strong and flexible; an ideal tertiary layer for most dressings; available in various sizes and colours.
Elastoplast Rolls of conforming, adhesive material that is very difficult to remove from fur!
Micropore Rolls of non-conforming tape suitable for holding light dressings in place such as a small pad following the removal of an intravenous cannula.
Zinc oxide Rolls of tape mainly used as traction tape; adhesive, inelastic and only slightly conforming.

Red = dressing layer - applied in direct contact with the surface of the skin
Blue = padding or primary layer - for cushioning, support and protection
Green = secondary layer - for protection and to hold the dressing in place
Purple = tertiary layer - the outer layer providing both support and protection