The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

The Digestive System


  1. What is the function of the digestive system?
  2. List the components of the digestive system.
  3. List 3 functions of the tongue.
  4. What is the collective name given to the numerous small projections on the surface of the tongue used for grooming?
  5. Can you list the 4 pairs of salivary glands found in the cat and dog?
  6. List 5 functions of saliva.
  7. Briefly describe the sequence of events that take place during swallowing.
  8. What is the name given to the waves of muscular contraction, which carry the food down the oesophagus from the pharynx to the stomach?
  9. Name the 3 parts of the stomach and briefly describe each.
  10. What are rugae?
  11. What is the name given to a fold of the peritoneum which connects the intestine to the dorsal abdominal wall?
  12. What is the great omentum?
  13. What is meant by gastric?
  14. A number of secretions are produced by cells in the stomach wall. These include mucus, hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen, gastrin and lipase. Can you state the function of each?
  15. What is chyme?
  16. What is the function of the goblet cells of the stomach wall?
  17. Define vomiting.
  18. Describe the following: stercoraceous vomit, bilious vomit and haemorrhagic vomit.
  19. List the 3 organs that comprise the small intestine.
  20. What occurs within the small intestine?
  21. List the 3 secretions of the small intestine.
  22. The pancreas is described as a mixed gland. What is meant by this?
  23. List the enzymes secreted by the pancreas and briefly describe the function of each.
  24. Which organ is responsible for bile production?
  25. Which organ is responsible for the storage of bile?
  26. What are the 2 main constituents of bile?
  27. Name the 2 bile pigments. These are responsible for the colouration of the faeces.
  28. List the functions of the liver.
  29. Where are the cells responsible for the production of intestinal juice located?
  30. List the enzymes contained within intestinal juice. Briefly describe the function of each.
  31. What is the collective name of the projections of the small intestine, which increase the surface area available for absorption?
  32. What is the name of the milky fluid containing digested fats which are absorbed into the lacteals of the small intestine?
  33. What are lacteals?
  34. List the 3 parts that comprise the large intestine.
  35. Why is the caecum of little significance in the cat and dog?