The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Anatomy & Physiology - Summary & Further Reading

An understanding of the basic terms used in anatomy and physiology will help when you go on to study them in more detail. There are many related chapters within this revision guide:

BOOK ONE - CHAPTER FIVE - GENETICS & ANIMAL BREEDING. Refer to Module 2 for information regarding cell division.

BOOK ONE - CHAPTER NINE - ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY: THE SKELETAL SYSTEM. The skeletal system is given a chapter of its own since it is a fairly extensive subject.

BOOK ONE - CHAPTER TEN - ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY: THE SYSTEMS OF THE BODY. For information on all the systems of an animal's body.

BOOK TWO - CHAPTER TWO - FLUID THERAPY. This subject is covered in more depth than is required for the Part I examinations, however, the glossary of terms may prove useful.

The following further reading is recommended:

Veterinary Nursing - Edited by D R Lane & Barbara Cooper (Butterworth Heinemann) - Chapter 11 - Anatomy & Physiology.