The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

The Recumbent Patient


  1.  What is the meaning of the term recumbency?
  2.  What is ventral recumbency?
  3.  What is dorsal recumbency?
  4.  What is sternal recumbency?
  5.  What is lateral recumbency?
  6.  List 5 areas in which the recumbent animal may require assistance.
  7.  What is the medical term for bed sores?
  8.  List 8 common sites for bed sores.
  9.  List 4 ways in which you would help to prevent bed sores.
  10.  Why is Vetbed commonly used in veterinary hospitals?
  11.  What parts of the body of a hospitalised patient require particular attention and why?
  12.  How would you treat decubitis ulcers?
  13. What is hypostatic pneumonia?
  14. How would you prevent hypostatic pneumonia?
  15. In addition to the nursing procedures advised by the veterinary surgeon, what else may help a recumbent patient to recover?
  16. List 10 conditions that may result in recumbency.