Virbac has launched a new pet food business model designed to help veterinary practices adapt, retain and increase their revenue from pet food sales. 

Virbac points to how the pandemic has caused a fundamental shift in consumer shopping habits, with e-commerce accounting for more than 30% of retail sales in the UK in 2020 for the first time1.

Alongside the increase in online sales has come an expectation by consumers that all companies should provide a reliable digital service, with 70% saying that they will continue to buy essential goods online post-pandemic2.

At the same time, sales of pet food in the majority of veterinary practices have been hit by the need for social distancing.

Through the new model, when pet owners buy Virbac's low-carb, high protein Veterinary HPM dog and cat food from the company's new web store for home delivery, a commission is paid to the practice. 

Remi Mandray, Product Manager at Virbac said: "It’s a win-win for our practices and their clients, who can take advantage of this convenient option to have their pet food delivered to their home, whilst providing the practice with a protected and rewarding business model".

For more information, contact your Virbac Territory Manager.


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