The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Cat Breeds


  1. What is the name of the organisation that recognises and classifies cat breeds in the UK?
  2. List the 7 major groups of cat types.
  3. What group does the Chinchilla belong to?
  4. List the 6 breeds of cat belonging to the semi-long-haired group.
  5. What breed group does the Manx belong to?
  6. What makes the Manx different to all other cat breeds?
  7. List 4 breeds of cat belonging to the foreign group.
  8. Name the 2 cat breeds belonging to the foreign group characterised by their short curly coats.
  9. Some breeds that are comparatively new to the UK have only provisional or preliminary status. Can you give 2 examples of foreign cat breeds with preliminary breed status?
  10. List the 7 acceptable colours of the Burmese.
  11. What breed group does the Havana belong to?
  12. List the 8 acceptable colours of the Siamese.
  13. What is the most common colour of non-pedigree cats in the UK?
  14. What colour of cat is nearly always female?