The Revision Guide for Student Nurses (Part I)

Import, Export & Quarantine


  1. Define quarantine.
  2. Define isolation.
  3. List the 4 factors essential to the transmission of infectious disease from one animal to another.
  4. State the distances in metres that isolation kennels must be separated from the main kennels/cattery.
  5. Describe the techniques involved in "barrier nursing".
  6. To meet the principles of quarantine for the prevention of rabies entering the United Kingdom, what 4 main rules apply?
  7. Which government organisation controls the kennels and catteries used for the quarantine of animals in the United Kingdom?
  8. State the minimum heights of dog compartment barriers, dividing partitions and run fencing of quarantine kennels.
  9. List the general safety procedures in quarantine establishments.
  10. Describe the procedure if a rabies case is suspected whilst in quarantine.
  11. What dog breeds may not be imported to the United Kingdom?
  12. Which species are not considered a rabies risk upon import?

Note: A Key Notes section - The PETS Scheme - accompanies this module.