1.5yo, FE, Border Terrier, 6.3kg

Patient History:
Hair loss of post MC & MT past few months.
No other medical issues. Was being fed hills puppy, then science diet from 1yo. changed to Hills derm defense food recently.
Since noticed, stricter on treats.
Bravecto given 3 months ago and second Bravecto given recently.
Owners report dog not itchy at all unless when wearing harness, rarely seen licking feet.

Clinical Examination:
Healthy dog, TPR WNL.
Alopecia palmer metacarpals and plantar metatarsals. small amount of sparse hairs. 
reddish, flakey skin in these areas.
coat otherwise full, slightly greasy on dorsum- no lesions. no infection.
not itchy when assessed.

Atopy, demodicosis, FIAD, seasonal allergies, contact allergies/reactions, behavioural?

Laboratory investigations:
Skin scrapes - negative
Cytology- malassezia yeasts negative
Hair plucks- under microscope hair has chewed ends. (normal telogan/anagen hairs)

Final Diagnosis:
Low Grade Itch- hairs under the microscope have jagged ends- possibly only licking/biting at feet when alone.

Cytopoint injection to relieve atopy
Start Malaseb feet washes bid 10-14d

depending on response;
consider food trial?
could be seasonal (summer?)

Feet seem to be responding - skin looking much less red, flakey and hairs starting to grow back.
continue monthly cytopoint injections & derm defense food.