is to give a percentage of the revenue it earns from recruitment advertising on the site back to those of its members that contribute to the community, in the form of Amazon vouchers.

To take part in this initiative, members need to do three things

  1. Subscribe to the VetNurse Digest email, either daily or weekly, here:
  2. Complete at least basic profile information on the site, which must include real name, year and place of qualification and ideally current practice
  3. Post or answer at least one question for the community here: 

That's it. This month we'll be giving a £50 Amazon voucher to six RVNs, VNAs or SVNs who meet this criteria at the end of the month. 

In the future, the number of Amazon vouchers given away each month will tie in directly with the number of recruitment adverts posted on 

Rather than being picked at random, they may also be tied to the community leaderboards, which display the most active members in order of points scored for posting.

VetNurse Editor Arlo Guthrie said: " now exists for one very focused reason, which is to be somewhere vet nurses come to help each other.

"In that regard, VetNurse avoids some of the problems that beset other social network platforms, such as the lack of provenance for opinions shared, not to mention the sometimes very unkind posts."

"Taking some of the revenue we earn from recruitment advertising and giving it back to members for helping each other means more people visiting the site and more people seeing the available job opportunities, so it's a bit of a virtuous circle.

"What's more recruitment advertisers on VetNurse can take some pleasure from knowing that they are advertising on the one board which gives something back to vet nurses." 

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