Veterinary nurse Remi Onabolu, who is currently studying to become a veterinary surgeon, has joined forces with JHP Recruitment on a new initiative to improve diversity and attract more individuals from BAME backgrounds into the veterinary profession.

Together, they're producing an educational video to be distributed and used by registered career advisers across the Southwest of England, and subsequently across the rest of England.

Remi qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London as a registered veterinary nurse in 2019 and then applied to start the graduate Veterinary Medicine programme at the same university.

She said: “I didn’t quite get the grades to study to be a vet straight away, but I always knew that I wanted to focus on a surgical career path and having gone through the university application twice, I want to help other students realise that they too can pursue a career as a vet or vet nurse.

“I met the managing director of JHP Recruitment, Justin Powlesland, at a networking event and explained how keen I was to help more people realise that there is more than one way to become a veterinary professional and to encourage school age children not to dismiss a veterinary career from an early age.

Justin said: “We have employed a production company and are now looking for a location to film it.

"Ideally, we need a teaching hospital to offer us some space for a day, as we want to set our interview with Remi in a clinical setting, where there is plenty of equipment to see.

"We are hoping to film this summer and are appealing for help to find a location.

“The video will tell Remi’s story about the hurdles she has faced and overcome to ultimately study to become a vet, it will also show students where the veterinary industry can take them and the different roles and routes to study that are available.

"As well as the video, a downloadable PDF version will be created, which are both great resources for career advisers that we will also share across social media.”

Remi added: “I really hope that what we are doing will encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to consider going to into higher education to start a career in veterinary medicine or veterinary nursing – that’s the ultimate goal.”

Any teaching hospital that can help with a filming location is being asked to contact Justin via email or to call him on 07506 981 354.

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