The Big Dog Bed Company is launching two new positioning aids for CT scanning and surgery.

The new aids will make their debut at this month's Vet Festival (20-21 May 2022, Loseley Park, Surrey). 

The Flexi-Wedge (pictured) positioning aid aims to deliver both better quality and easier to interpret imaging, and to facilitate the ideal positioning of surgical patients.

The second product is the Saddle-Sandbags, which The Big Dog Bed Company says address two problems – the need to hold a patient in place without loading weight to any part of the body and the tendency of existing sandbags to leak sand after a few months of manipulation to different shapes.

Dru Ross, Director at Big Dog Bed Company said: “Support wedges are obviously widely used in the veterinary field.

"The difference with the design of the Flexi-Wedge is that they can be held securely in the desired position and are fully adjustable, making them suitable for a wide range of patient size and shape”. 

“The Saddle-Sandbag is designed for those situations when a limb needs to be held out securely without any load on it and standard sandbags are not suited to this purpose.

"There is no need to manipulate the sandbag to the desired shape.

"The weight is split between two bags joined by a broad central strap so the strap is placed round or over the limb”.

James Weston, Managing Director at Northwest Referrals was one of the first to use the Flexi-Wedge.

James said: “I’ve never had such a straight spine when scanning a greyhound before using these supports. Every CT scanner should be sold with these”.

Patrick Harte MRCVS from the The Sidings Veterinary Surgery said: “The weighted ends make these sandbags much easier to handle.

"The larger aid is excellent for holding upper thoracic limb out of the way for lateral views of the elbow, for instance and the width of the flat part of the aid is perfect for wrapping around the antebrachium of the thoracic limb.” 

The Flexi-Wedges and the Saddle-Sandbag products use waterproof, antibacterial, wipe clean fabrics in which the seams are thermally welded so no moisture can enter and no sand can escape.

The Flexi-Wedges are available in two lengths 60cm and 90 cm.

They are supplied with wipe clean straps that can be tailored to the size of table on which they are used.

The Saddle-Sandbags are available in three sizes.

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