TVM UK has launched Locox TT, a joint supplement for dogs designed to support healthy joint function for continued mobility.

The company says Locox TT has been developed to have high levels of EPA and DHA Omega-3, with independent lab analysis showing it contains over four times more Omega-3s than the market leading supplement.

The new product also chondroprotective ingredients and antioxidants.  

Locox TT comes in tablet form: 1-2 tabs per day, with no loading phase required.

Will Peel, TVM UK’s product manager said: "Locox TT has undergone extensive independent testing so vets can be assured that the information they give to pet owners is verified and can be trusted.

"With an abundance of joint supplements on the market, we believe it is important that vets are able to make informed decisions when selecting their chosen brand, by providing clear, trustworthy information, alongside a high-quality product.’

TVM says it will be making client leaflets and waiting room questionnaires to help pet owners identify the symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs.

For more information, visit or contact your local TVM territory manager.

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