Photo: L-R Peter Laurie (Battersea), Jade Statt and Sam Joseph (StreetVet), Shaun Opperman (Battersea) and Blue the StaffieBattersea has announced a new partnership with StreetVet, the charity that delivers free veterinary services to dogs owned by the homeless and those in temporary accommodation and hostels.

As part of the new arrangement, Battersea will give StreetVet operational and logistical support, including advice from its staff, clinical support, and kennel space for animals in urgent need of care. 

Battersea also plans to work with StreetVet on a range of projects that will help the charity to reach more dogs in need. For example, providing advice and training to hostel staff to promote and facilitate hostels accepting dogs – creating more safe places to sleep for both dogs and their owners.

Battersea’s Deputy Chief Executive, Peter Laurie, said: "I’m excited at the prospect of Battersea and StreetVet coming together for a partnership that aligns both organisations’ strategic values. Both of us care deeply about the welfare of dogs, particularly those most in need. StreetVet relies almost entirely on the support of a growing network of volunteers, including members of the Battersea clinic team, and is a great example of a volunteer-led organisation delivering significant impact on a wide geographical scale. By working together, we can increase our collective impact and help more animals in need."

Sam Joseph MRCVS, a co-founder of StreetVet, said: "We are really excited about the official partnership between StreetVet and Battersea. As a small, growing charity, StreetVet will hugely benefit from the expertise, infrastructure and resources of one of the country's most loved and respected animal charities."

He added: "This partnership will help StreetVet continue to provide free, accessible veterinary care to those most in need, while further increasing the impact that Battersea has on the welfare of dogs and cats across the UK."

Photo: L-R Peter Laurie (Battersea), Jade Statt and Sam Joseph (StreetVet), Shaun Opperman (Battersea) and Blue the Staffie

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