Two enterprising veterinary nurses have set up a cat-only home visiting service in London, called Whiskers 'n' Beans.

Ellie Baggs, who qualified in 2008, and Sarah Reilly, who qualified in 2016, decided to launch the service after seeing the problems that cat owners were having in transporting their animals to the not-for-profit clinic where they worked.

They considered setting up a nurse-owned veterinary practice, but decided the costs were too great, and the overheads presented too much of a risk if they didn't get enough clients through the door.

Being a mobile nurse clinic also means they can offer their service in a more comfortable, stress-free environment for their patients.

That's not to say that starting a home service is all plain sailing. Sarah said: "Lots of things we're taken for granted, such as deliveries, rules, regulations etc were not straightforward to set up"

Ellie said: "There is a lot of competition out there so the worry is what is making us stand out - why choose us?

"We are hoping being cat-only and uniquely nurse-owned and holding ISFM nurse certificates will show everyone we are dedicated to cats and their wellbeing."

Whiskers 'n' Beans will launch at the end of June 2024.

Good luck, ladies!

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