Veterinary Health Nutrition range - Weight ManagementRoyal Canin has announced it will introduce the latest in its Veterinary Health Nutrition range - Weight Management - at BVNA Congress this week, ahead of the national launch on 1st November.

The Weight Management range offers nutritional solutions to support healthy weight and the management of cats and dogs with diabetes mellitus.

Caroline Burke, Weight Management Specialist at Royal Canin, said: "Obesity is a growing problem and puts pets at risk of developing further conditions. Now recognised as a chronic incurable disease, we are passionate about tackling this problem with science. The Weight Management products are the gold standard in nutritional support for weight management."

Royal Canin Satiety Weight Management has high levels of fibre to make pets feel fuller for longer. It also comes in a new kibble shape which Royal Canin says increases chewing and meal duration by 57% and decreases begging significantly in 15 days.

Royal Canin Diabetic is formulated to help with the management of glycaemia and the wet pouch now comes in a new size, moving from 100g to 85g, for better portion control. Both diets have been launched with a new premium pack design.

Caroline added: "We know studies show that obese cats and dogs may live shorter lives and can be more susceptible to skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, urinary disease and cardio-respiratory dysfunction. In addition to a reduced life expectancy, owners of obese pets spend more on average; from diagnostics to surgical procedures and medication. Our new Weight Management range will help veterinary professionals support owners in creating healthier habits and work towards better management of overweight pets."

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