OrthoPets has launched the Upets Total Limb Cast (TLC), billed as a revolutionary new cast for animal fractures. 

Research shows that over 60% of cast-treated pets get additional injures, such as pressure sores, from traditional plaster casts1

The new cast is designed to tackle these issues with anatomically shaped bi-valve splints that are based on 30,000 3D scans of animal limbs.

Upets TLC products are made from FDA and CE approved Woodcast material used in human casting and splinting.

Bandages, padding and tape are replaced with a soft, self-cohesive Unitex fabric that passes moisture and dries fast.

TLC products are engineered for easy destabilisation by removing parts of the splint, and the same product can be used throughout the whole treatment.

Orthopets, a subsidiary of the materials company Dassiet, says that breathable, lightweight materials combined with the anatomical fit help prevent sores and restore normal position and movement of the limb.

OrthoPets founder Martin Kaufmann said: “The common cast is very problematic, but we've lacked better alternatives. Now, with the Dassiet supermaterials and OrthoPets’ vast experience in veterinary biomechanics we have re-engineered the common cast. 

"Upets TLC is anatomical and safe. It’s stress-free for both the vet and the pet. It brings veterinary casting to the modern day and offers a better standard care option for all vets and orthopaedic surgeons out there.” 

"Sores, pain and stiffness are always on the horizon with casting. But if we take the cast off too early, the leg can be injured again because of lack of proper support. UPETS tackles these problems all at once. I find it easy to apply the pre-shaped casts even for very small or large dogs and make adjustments if needed. I can watch my patients walk off the clinic normally with their cast, knowing they can wear it safely until fully healed. We see significant and immediate improvement in patients compared to the common cast”, says Dassiet Chief Veterinarian Jouni Niemi, who oversees the clinical research of UPETS. 

For more information, visit: www.upets.vet/TLC


  1. Meeson, Richard & Davidson, Catherine & Arthurs, Gareth. (2011). Soft-tissue injuries associated with cast application for distal limb orthopaedic conditions. A retrospective study of sixty dogs and cats. Veterinary and comparative orthopaedics and traumatology : V.C.O.T. 24. 126-31. 10.3415/VCOT-10-03-0033. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/49745905_Soft-tissue_injuries_associated_with_cast_application_for_distal_limb_orthopaedic_conditions_A_retrospective_study_of_sixty_dogs_and_cats 

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