Vet AI, which launched Joii, its remote veterinary consultation service earlier this year, has announced a partnership with pet insurer Animal Friends.Vet AI, which launched Joii, its remote veterinary consultation service earlier this year, has announced a partnership with pet insurer Animal Friends.

Animal Friends is launching a pilot programme through which its customers will be able to check their pets' symptoms, get advice on treatment or find out if they need to visit a vet clinic on Joii. 

Paul Hallett, co-founder of Vet-AI said: "Animal Friends is a perfect partner for Vet-AI, not only do we share common goals around animal welfare and the profession as a whole, but strategically we are both laser focused on the customer. In the coming few years we will support their customers by providing them with 24 hour expert-led care, at the click of a button. This will drive our business forward, helping us reach more pet owners and improve the care their pets receive."

Wes Pearson, Managing Director of Animal Friends said: "This partnership demonstrates our commitment to provide our pet parents with innovative options to ensure their pet receives the best care. Being able to access professional advice from the comfort of their own home and at a time that suits them can dramatically reduce stress for both the pet and the pet parent. We are excited to be working with Vet-AI and believe that the Joii app will bring expert knowledge and extra peace of mind to our customers."

Oh no, not another company talking about 'pet parents'. Is it just me, or is it not rather patronising?

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