The RCVS has announced that a record number of candidates are standing in the 2020 Veterinary Nurses (VN) Council elections. The RCVS has announced that a record number of candidates are standing in the 2020 Veterinary Nurses (VN) Council elections.

This is the first VN Council election since 2017. There was no election in 2018 due to governance changes and there were too few candidates in 2019.

However, this year, 13 registered veterinary nurses have put themselves forward to compete for the two available places. They are: 

  • Samantha Anderson RVN

  • Jessica Beckett RVN

  • Kirsten Cavill RVN

  • Rebecca Clark RVN

  • Dorothy Creighton RVN

  • Lindsey Anne Dodd RVN

  • Emma Foreman RVN

  • Racheal Marshall RVN (incumbent)

  • Megan Oakey RVN

  • Susannah Phillips RVN

  • Matthew Rendle RVN (incumbent)

  • Claire Roberts RVN

  • Cathy Woodlands RVN

The RCVS has uploaded each of the candidates’ biographies and election statements on to its website:

The elections will start from Monday 16th March when the ballot papers and candidates' manifestos will be posted and emailed to all members of the profession who are eligible to vote.

All votes, whether postal or online, must then be cast by 5pm on Friday 24 April 2020. 

As with previous years, the RCVS is also inviting members of the profession to get a better idea of why each candidate is standing by taking part in 'Quiz the candidates' and submitting a question which will then be put directly to the candidates.

Each candidate for both elections will be invited to choose two questions to answer from all those received, and produce a video recording of their answers.

Recordings will be published on the RCVS website and YouTube channel ( on the week the election starts.

The College says only question per person is allowed, and any which it deems offensive, inappropriate, misleading, libellous or otherwise unlawful will not be distributed to the candidates. 

You need to email your question to or tweet to the College’s Twitter account @theRCVS using the hashtag #vnvote20 by midday on Friday 28 February 2020.

Eleanor Ferguson, RCVS Registrar and Returning Officer for the election, said: "After two years without an election for VN Council it is fantastic to see that a record number of veterinary nurses have put themselves forward as candidates. It demonstrates that there is a desire amongst the profession to engage with VN Council and the important issues it decides on around veterinary nursing education, continuing professional development and registration. It is also the first year that the number of veterinary nurse candidates has outnumbered the number of vets standing for RCVS Council.

"We look forward to launching both elections next month and hope to see record turnouts in both elections. In the meantime please make sure to engage with the process and scrutinise the candidates and their views by submitting a question about an issue of interest to you."

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