The RCVS has announced that it is extending the nomination period for this year's VN Council election after only one veterinary nurse nurse put herself forward. 

This means there is still a remaining seat on VN Council which remains unfilled.

As a result, one candidate standing now, Susan Howarth RVN, is therefore automatically re-elected to VN Council for a further three-year term.

If you've toyed with the idea of standing for VN Council, now is your moment, because if only one more nurse enters the ring, they too will be automatically elected without having to canvas so much as a single vote. A shoo-in, if ever there was one.

If two or more additional candidates come forward in the extended nomination period, then there will be an election for the place, running from 15th March to the 23rd April online. 

Matthew Rendle, Chair of VN Council, said: "Whilst it’s certainly disappointing that we only had one nomination for VN Council by this year’s deadline, we hope this extension until the end of February means more vet nurses will now consider putting themselves forward for election. We are doing some really important work currently that in time will push forward and enhance our profession, so I would ask any vet nurses who are interested in having a say on the future of our profession to step forward as a candidate for the Council. Those who want to find out more about what it means to be on VN Council are also very welcome to contact me on"

With the proposed changes to the legislative framework governing the veterinary professions, which will have a profound impact on the working lives of all veterinary nurses, now could not be a more important, a more interesting and probably more historic moment to be on VN Council. Surely there must be more than two veterinary nurses who care enough about their profession to stand up and help shape its future?

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