The RCVS has published an interim report of the achievements so far of its VN Futures project to champion and improve veterinary nursing. 

The project was launched as a joint initiative between the RCVS and the BVNA in 2016. Its objectives included highlighting veterinary nursing as a career, encouraging more people into veterinary nursing, improving retention, expanding the scope of the VN role, and providing more opportunity for career progression.

The report begins by highlighting perhaps the biggest challenge facing the profession, that in 2019, 25% of veterinary nurses said they plan to leave the profession in the next five years, largely because of poor pay, because they don't feel sufficiently valued, lack of career opportunities and because of a poor work/life balance.

The main achievements of the project, which should certainly help with some of these issues, include:

  • The creation of the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Cert AVN), to help maximise veterinary nurses' potential.
  • The Schools Ambassadors Development Programme, to help get schoolchildren interested in veterinary nursing from a young age.
  • The development of a Working Party to look at legislative reform to enhance the role of nurses, and in the meantime, a poster and case studies designed to promote better delegation.
  • A campaign by the BVNA in August and September 2021 to support nurses affected by chronic illness.

Jill Macdonald, VN Futures Project Coordinator, said: "The report is a culmination of years of hard work, putting in place measures to champion the veterinary nursing profession and safeguard it for the future. Through the introduction of initiatives like the School Ambassador Development Programme and the introduction of the CertAVN, to name but a few, we have put in place steps to inspire the next generation of veterinary nurses and support the training and development of people currently working in the profession."

You can read the full VN Futures Interim Report at 

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