MSD Animal Health, the maker of Nobivac Respira Bb, has published the results of new research which showed that veterinary practices are not giving owners clear advice about the need for vaccination against canine infectious respiratory disease (CIRD)

The company hired Onswitch to call 700 veterinary practices and ask about kennel cough. 43% of callers were told it was up to them whether their dog had a vaccine for CIRD, with no clear recommendation in over 50% of calls.

MSD says that there was very little detailed information given about CIRD or kennel cough or vaccinations, with nothing at all mentioned in 18% of calls.

Whilst 18% of calls mentioned that dogs can contract kennel cough mixing with other dogs, 9% were told that their dog would only need the vaccination if it was going into kennels!

According to the company, vaccination for Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus has declined dramatically during lockdown, with over 350,000 less doses being bought in 2020 vs 2019 April - December1, however the risks are still prevalent, because dogs are still mixing.

Michelle Townley, Veterinary Advisor for the Companion Animal team at MSD Animal Health said: "CIRD, more commonly known as kennel cough, is often mistakenly believed to be only a disease of kennels. The reality is that respiratory pathogens are most commonly transmitted between dogs that mix or share the same air space. This results in risk anywhere where dogs are being social, including parks, groomers and vet practices. Due to this confusion, we recommend referring to the disease with pet owners as contagious canine cough."

She added: "This data reveals a significant amount of confusion in the advice veterinary practices give to dog owners in relation to protection against CIRD,or contagious canine cough. Practice team members have often received no formal training on what to tell dog owners and how to discuss CIRD, so messages vary widely and are not always correct. This data reveals that there is a great opportunity for practices to proactively discuss contagious canine cough as a standard component of the annual vaccination programme and ensure more dogs that socialise with other dogs and are at risk get the protection they need."

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