NVS has launched DuoTox, a broad-spectrum adsorbent for treating accidental ingestion of harmful substances in dogs and cats.

DuoTox is the first product to combine activated charcoal and diosmectite, providing a wider spectrum of absorbency against various toxic substances.

Accidental poisoning poses a significant threat to pets, with vets in the UK reporting over 30001 cases a week and making an average 60 calls a day to the VPIS for assistance2

In 2020, 7.1 million pets fell ill after eating something poisonous1 and the VPIS reported a 40% increase in poisoning enquiries in 20212.

The most commonly used product for accidental ingestion is activated charcoal, but it only has affinity for certain substances.

Diosmectite also only binds to select substances, but is not as widely used.

Up until now, the two have not been used together in one product, leaving situations where the chosen binder has no effect.

NVS says that in cases of potential ingestion, identifying the exact substance consumed, and relying on vets to know which binder to use for each substance, is a barrier to successful toxin binding.

Malcolm Dickinson, Category Manager for Select from NVS, said: “Activated charcoal has affinity for substances that are, for example acidic, non-ionised or poorly water soluble, leaving a gap for substances that are alkaline, cationic, hydrophilic etc.

"This is where the absorbency profile of diosmectite comes in to create one product with a much wider spectrum of adsorbency.”

“This will be hugely beneficial to vets in practice: vets can reach for one product, knowing it will be effective.”

DuoTox is available in both paste and liquid forms, designed with palatability in mind.



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