Accord Animal Health has launched Vivinicord Chews, a dental product designed to enhance oral health in dogs.

The new product contains astaxanthin (an anti-oxidant), fucoidan (a fucose-rich, sulfated polysaccharide) and indigo (a deodorant), which together are claimed to fight against gum infections, deodorise the mouth, and reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Bob Ferguson, Commercial Lead for Accord Animal Health said: “We are excited to bring to the UK and Ireland market, Vivinicord Chews, a novel combination of natural ingredients designed to aid pet owners support their dogs’ oral health.

"Dental disease and associated infections are such a huge issue for vets and owners, we believe Vivinicord Chews can be a valuable part of the solution.

“Vivinicord Chews will only be available for owners to buy from their local veterinary practice, supporting our mission of building a sustainable partnership with our veterinary customers.”

Vivinicord comes in packs of 30 chews with a shelf life of 24 months.

For further info or stock enquiries, contact: / 01271 385 200

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