Virbac has launched Stelfonta, a novel injectable solution to treat mastocytoma in dogs.

Stelfonta is licensed for the treatment of non-resectable, non-metastatic (WHO staging1) subcutaneous mast cell tumours (MCTs) located at or distal to the elbow or the hock, and non-resectable, non-metastatic cutaneous MCTs in dogs. Tumours must be less than or equal to 8cm3 in volume and must be accessible to intratumoural injection.

The company says that a single intratumoural treatment has been seen to destroy the tumour completely in 75% of observed cases.

The active ingredient in Stelfonta is tigilanol tiglate, a compound extracted from Fontainea picrosperma, a shrub found in the Australian rain forest. According to the company, it works largely through specific protein kinase c (PKC) activation, in which it locally stimulates the immune system, resulting in destruction of the tumour and the tumour’s blood supply, followed by rapid healing of the site with minimal scarring.

Virbac says that generally, dogs do not require sedation or local or general anaesthesia during treatment.

Dr Neil Mottram MRCVS, Technical Product Manager at Virbac said: "Stelfonta is an innovative yet simple treatment which provides a high tumour elimination rate, rapid healing and a speedy return to a good quality of life for the pet. In the cases studied, the tumour was destroyed in seven days and full wound healing observed in 96.5% of cases, with no significant adverse effects on the dog.

“The effects of Stelfonta really do need to be seen to be believed."


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