Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health has launched a series of new guides and videos to help practices engage with clients on social media.

The company says the series will help practices set-up, post content and measure the effectiveness of their social media channels.

There are three introductory videos titled: ‘What are the benefits and why is social media key to my practice?’, ‘Measurement, maintenance and management’ and ‘Planning’.

The first video covers a back-to-basics introduction to social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram. The second video explains how to measure the success of social channels and how to manage posts and content. The final video covers the importance of planning and the use of content calendars to highlight events and awareness days, as well as helpful tools and features such as Facebook Live.

The four how-to guides explain:

  • ‘I currently have no social media presence.  How do I get started?’’ 
  • ‘How to successfully maintain and measure your social media accounts’
  • ‘Why is community management important?’
  • ‘How-to – Facebook Live and Instagram Lives’

The social media videos and how-to guides are part of PetNatter, Boehringer Ingelheim’s free veterinary resource, designed to help veterinary practices stay in touch with owners and help them care for their pets. Originally launched in mid-July, PetNatter provides veterinary practices with professionally crafted social media, newsletter and website content. 

Grace Tonner, territory manager at Boehringer Ingelheim said: “Social media plays a big part in our social lives and it is an increasingly important channel in business communities too, which has the potential to help practices maintain and develop vital relationships with pet owners. 

"While most vet practices recognise that social media should play an important role in starting and maintaining communications with clients and potential clients, particularly during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, finding the time, resource and skills to be effective with social media can be challenging.

"Our brilliant series of short, easy-to-understand social media videos and how-to guides provides veterinary professionals with the essential knowledge, tools and confidence to make vet practice social media a hit.  Using the videos and guides will enable vet practices to get their social media up and running in just 15 minutes.”

For further information on the social media videos and how-to guides contact your local Boehringer Ingelheim territory manager or visit

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