Animalcare has launched ProGlan, a tasty soft chew designed to support faecal consistency and help anal glands in dogs empty naturally. 

Apparently, anal gland impaction is the fifth most common reason for owners to take their dog to the vets1, and of course manual expression of impacted anal glands is unpleasant for everyone.

It also doesn’t address the underlying causes, such as poor stool consistency.

ProGlan contains pumpkin seeds and apple pectin, both sources of fibre to bulk out stools and increase faecal mass. 

The product also contains Bacillus velezensisi (DSM 15544), a probiotic registered for use in dogs.

Animalcare points to research which demonstrates that lactobacilli help support a desirable gastrointestinal microbiome, aiding digestion and improving stool consistency2.

Lastly, the product contains a combination of Echinacea, vitamin C and vitamin E, which Animalcare says support a healthy immune and inflammatory response.

ProGlan is available in packs of 30 chews.

For further information or for orders, contact your local Animalcare territory manager or email 


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