Protexin Veterinary has launched Poop Points, a free practice posterProtexin Veterinary has launched Poop Points, a free practice poster designed to educate owners about digestive health in cats and dogs, and encourage them to monitor their pet's faeces.

The poster grades faeces from one (kickable) to six (most certainly not kickable). 

James Kyffin, Veterinary Director at Protexin Veterinary said: "We believe that Poop Points offers pet owners a fun and engaging way to monitor their pet’s faeces."

That, surely, must win James the "Oxymoronic Veterinary Quote of the Year Award 2019".

More seriously, he went on to say: "It is important to raise awareness of alterations in animal’s faecal scores and ensure that this is communicated to their veterinary surgeon in an effective way."

Practices in the UK and Ireland can order their free poster on Protexin's website:, or by emailing

Protexin will also be promoting digestive health advice on its website and social channels (@Protexin Veterinary on Facebook and Instagram), which practices can share and use.

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