Francisco Gomez MRCVS, a Clinical Director at one of the corporates and an Advanced Practitioner in Ophthalmology, has launched 'More Than Just a Vet', a podcast in which he interviews fellow veterinary professionals from around the country, focussing on their lives outside work.

Francisco says he decided to launch the podcast after watching how the bond between society and veterinary professionals has been eroded in recent years, with vets increasingly being portrayed as money-grabbers and uncaring in the press. 

The aim of the podcast is to show the human behind the surgical mask; that veterinary professionals have the same feelings, motivations, worries and passions as anyone else.

Francisco said: "For those who aren’t part of the veterinary community, I hope to open a window into who we are, so they can better understand what drives our behaviours, decisions and compassion. And for those who are, I hope to make them feel that they’re not alone."

More Than Just a Vet is open for everyone to listen to directly from the website, where you can subscribe to be alerted when there's a new release. The podcast is also available on all major podcast providers.

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