The BSAVA has put together a Q&A and top tips about puppy socialisation for vet nurses to give clients as they emerge from lockdown. 

The BSAVA says it has produced the leaflet because of fears that so many of the puppies bought during lockdown will have missed out on this important part of their development, potentially leading to behavioural issues as they get older.

The Q&A explains the most important aspects of socialisation, both at home and outdoors. It can be downloaded here: 

The ‘top 10 tips’ are presented as an infographic designed to be shared on social media. It highlights the main points pet owners should consider when socialising their puppy. You can download the Q&A here:

Sheldon Middleton, BSAVA President said: “We have seen a surge in puppy ownership during the pandemic when opportunities to meet up were limited, which may have resulted in some puppies missing out on the key socialisation period. This accessible guide gives invaluable support to our members when discussing socialisation with clients.”

The BSAVA has also created a special collection on puppy socialisation, bringing together chapters, podcasts and leaflets covering the reasons behind the socialisation of puppies and how to do it successfully. The collection is free to access through the BSAVA Library during September:

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