Krka has launched a palatable version of Milprazon, its broad-spectrum cat and dog wormer.

Krka says Milprazon Chewable is the first wormer in its category with proven palatability for dogs based on EMA Testing Guidelines.

In a study¹, more than 85% of dogs ate the tablet ‘voluntarily’, with 75% taking it unprompted from their food bowl.

Milprazon chewable is available in a range of presentations suitable for puppies from two weeks old (0.5kg) and kittens from six weeks old.

Milprazon comes in colour-coded packaging for easier dispensing.

Will Ridgway, Krka’s National Sales Manager said: "Milprazon Chewable is a premium product.

"It offers pet owners the reliability of Milbemycin oxime and Praziquantel, together with enhanced palatability, while supporting practice profitability."


  1. Cvejić D. Evaluation of the palatability of the investigational veterinary product Milbemycin oxime/ Praziquantel 12.5 mg/125.0 mg chewable tablets in dogs under field conditions [internal study number 03452-001-1-1]. München: KLIFOVET AG. 2020.

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