Krka has announced the launch of Robexera, the first generic robenacoxib solution for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with chronic osteoarthritis (OA) and soft tissue surgery in dogs.¹ 

Robexera is a COX2 NSAID formulation which delivers anti-inflammatory pain relief with a once-a-day dosing regime2,3,4.  

The product is presented as a flavoured chewable tablet for easier administration by pet owners.

For simplicity when dispensing, it comes in four strengths with colour coded boxes, perforated blisters and a set of PIL sheets that convert to prescribing envelopes in each pack.

Charlotte Read, Krka’s UK Key Account Manager, said: “Delivering reliable, cost-effective perioperative pain relief for soft tissue surgery is an everyday concern for veterinary practices, while OA is the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs5

"This is why we’re particularly pleased to announce the first generic robenacoxib, Robexera. 

“Bioequivalent to the originator product6, Robexera provides fast-acting and targeted pain relief, giving enhanced value to veterinary practices and enabling them to offer their clients improved affordability, particularly for those whose animals are on long term pain-management programmes or have other health issues.”

Viktor Kozjan, General Manager Krka UK, added: “The launch of Robexera is further confirmation of Krka’s commitment to develop solutions that are tried and trusted but also flexible and affordable for our customers and their clients.”

Robexera is now available to order from all national UK veterinary wholesalers. 


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