J.A.K. Marketing has announced the arrival of the MPS Head CoverJ.A.K Marketing has announced the arrival of the MPS Head Cover, a new alternative to the Elizabethan collar which certainly looks more comfortable and appears to offer patients greater freedom of movement.

The machine-washable wound/bandage protector is available in denim blue, in five different sizes.

Pads, sold separately, can be added to pockets in the Head Cover for additional protection. Alternatively, the pockets can be used to hold a dog’s ear to prevent wound fluids and ointments from sticking to the fur.

The company has also announced the launch of the new Medical PetS Boot, a waterproof paw protector which, unlike the alternatives, comes in a variety of sizes and is firmly held in place with both velcro straps and a drawstring.

For more information, visit: https://www.jakmarketing.co.uk or ring 01347 878697

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