Horiba UK is hosting a free webinar about overcoming the challenges of head tilt and ‘spinning’ rabbits on Wednesday 10th April from 7:30-9pm.

“Tilts, Spins, and Tears: Approaches to head tilts in rabbits” will be presented by Dr Madonna Livingstone BVMS MRCVS, who will discuss a range of approaches, diagnostic and treatment options for rabbits presenting with head tilt symptoms. 

Madonna has over 20 years experience in veterinary practice, and as Head Vet and Head of Exotics at Ark Veterinary Clinics Ltd, she speaks widely on exotic animal medicine and surgery.

She also delivers clinical exotic lectures and practicals at Glasgow Vet School, holds a diploma in parrot behaviour and is publishing a textbook on rabbits and small exotic mammals this year.

The webinar aims to help veterinary staff to recognise the differential diagnosis list, know how to achieve a diagnosis, or most likely diagnosis within a restricted budget; know the available treatment options; and know how to manage owners’ expectations.


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