CVS has launched an online information resource for its Patient Care Assistants (PCA), containing CPD, training, resources and support designed specifically for them.

The company says many in the profession are unaware of what PCA's can do, which means they're often not used to their full potential and instead wind up doing the cleaning. 

The CVS PCA Hub is intended to help staff develop all of the attributes required of a great veterinary PCA, with courses covering theatre practice, dispensary, lab skills, consulting skills, neonatal care and inpatient care.

Training ranges from short bite size learning to an in-depth Level 2 Certificate in Veterinary Care Support Apprenticeship. 

The PCA Hub has been made available to all CVS staff in both clinical and non clinical roles, and the company says many of the courses are free or trainees can use their CPD allowance.

Rob Kelly, Head of Clinical Veterinary Education at CVS, said: “We want our Patient Care Assistants to have better job satisfaction and to make their day-to-day jobs more rewarding.

"We also want practices to understand the skills they have and to use them to their full potential, whilst freeing up other clinical staff to do other jobs.

“So this new hub for the first time provides all of the training, resources and support required by our Patient Care Assistants - in a one-stop-shop.

"The courses have been specifically designed to provide our PCAs with their own continuous professional development.

"A lot of PCAs will also go on to become student vet nurses, so giving them this foundation will hugely help them with their future studies.” 

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