CVS has launched a new CPD training programme for its nurses. 

The 2021 Nursing Programme, which was launched in January, is a new course that provides CVS employees with over 150 hours of foundation training and is open to all registered veterinary nurses across the company's practices.

The programme offers a range of courses and is designed to help nurses complete their mandatory CPD requirements, while providing learning and development opportunities for colleagues to further their careers.

CVS says it has capped the cost of the course so it remains accessible to all its nurses. 

The company added that it plans to introduce an intermediate course in 2022, and an advanced some time thereafter, so that it can meet the CPD requirements of all of its nurses, at any stage in their career.

Lucy Turner, Chief Veterinary Nursing Officer at CVS Group (pictured right), said: “At CVS, we place our people at the heart of we do and are always searching for ways in which we can be the veterinary company that people most want to work for.

"This foundational programme, which is available almost entirely online, is a way in which we can support, nurture and build on the extensive talent we have across our Group and we greatly look forward to hearing feedback from the nurses who take part in the programme’s first year.”

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