Royal Canin’s Scientific Communications Manager, Clare HemmingsRoyal Canin has announced a partnership with The Colourful Consultation Nurse Roadshows, a series of CPD events which cover things like 'the types of nurse consultation and charging for each' to 'post-op checks and preventative healthcare'.

The events offer six hours of CPD and the opportunity for discussion and interaction.

Erin Carr, Marketing Executive at Royal Canin, said: "We are delighted to partner with The Colourful Nurse Roadshows. As well as providing veterinary nurses with essential information on consultations, the course covers preventative care including long term medical management.

"Speaking alongside Stephanie Writer-Davies, BVSc, MRCVS will be Royal Canin’s Scientific Communications Manager, Clare Hemmings. A qualified vet nurse, Clare won Pet Health Counsellor of the Year for work with arthritic patients and has inspired many nurses over the past 20 years to start nursing clinics."

The dates and venues for the roadshows are: 15th May – Manchester; 5th June – Northern Ireland; 9th October – Bristol; 10th October - Solihull.

For more information or to book place on the Roadshow, visit

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